Top T's Under $20

Lets just go ahead and have a moment of silence for the women who had to endure lifetimes of corsets and girdles while we stroll about in our ripped jeans and T shirts.  We haven't quite made it to my overall idea of daily comfort which basically includes me walking into meetings in a plush Barefoot Dreams bathrobe and my Target Llama slippers...BUT, I mean, praise and worship for living in a time period where comfort is Queen.    

I recently did a little haul at Nordy Rack and stocked up on a whole ton of new basic T's to head into the summer season.  These were my fav's and they are ALL UNDER  $25 & my Mama always says "You cant beat that with a stick!"

T shirts are my favorite because you can wear them with literally anything.  Add some leggings & tennies and head to a workout or to run errands, add some jeans, blazer, and loafers and you got a go to meeting/dinner look.  Add some boots, a cute necklace, & some boots and you have the perfect date look!  Ya really just can't go wrong with a good, solid, trusty T!