We’re takin this party online!

My friends, family, customers, and supporters near and far! With much nostalgia and much excitement for the future, the chapter of KITTY residing in the brick and mortar retail space has come to a close and we are taking this party online!! I have truly enjoyed having a space where women can come and feel welcomed and empowered and I hope that you felt that when you came to visit us in store. 

When you start a venture of any kind, you never know where it will leave or how it will change in shape and form.  I am a believer in embracing change with an attitude of positivity and excitement for what is to come.  While on one hand, I am human and, of course, I wish some of the circumstances were different, but in my heart of hearts I TRULY believe that when God and the universe is nudging in a new direction, we must follow.  I have embraced the change and I’m excited for what the future holds for me and for KITTY.  I have been reflecting and brainstorming on how I can continue to empower women thru the KITTY brand in person and online and we are working on some really fun things that I cannot wait to share with y’all.

Again, thank you for supporting our store front for these three years.  The experience and knowledge I have gained in this period of my life is truly invaluable.  The relationships and friendships I have gained will forever be cherished and I am so immensely grateful to those who continue to believe in me and my passion to take risks, do it big, and shoot for the stars.

We welcome and are grateful for your continued support!  Please visit us at kittynashville.com, shop with us online, engage with us on our social media pages, and be empowered by our message of celebrating the badass, multi-faceted, renaissance women of yesterday and today!  I also appreciate any support you send me in my musical endeavors.  I am currently releasing new music every week for the next 4 weeks and I’m excited to finally have NEW MUSIC out and to connect with each of you thru my music.

With immense gratitude and infinite, immeasurable love for each and every one of you,

Sarah Anne


PS.  We will be having a super sale happening all weekend and into next week.  Grab some of your favorite KITTY items at up to 80% off.  We are talking major STEALS, y’all! We also have amazing display pieces that we will be getting rid of at major discounted prices so come by and see us!  Check our socials for hours and information!