"Follow Your Heart"

Follow your heart:

A phrase we hear so often but are still a little confused about. What exactly does that mean? I think it is something personal for each of us. We all have that still, small voice within us that is leading us, nudging is, & pulling us toward something.  THAT is the voice...the one that matters and the one you should follow!
What if my heart is wrong? It can’t be because you cannot fail at your own destiny. This is a journey not a destination.

What if that pulling on my heart isn’t God’s best for me?  It is...because the fact that you have this concern in the first place means that you desire to do what is right for your life. You desire your highest and best and God’s ultimate plan for your life.  Psalm 37:4 has always been one of my favorite references for following your heart...Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Growing up I thought that if I was good enough, if I did enough to things to make God happy, & if I prayed enough then God would give me what my heart desires.  Then I read the verse differently. I saw it differently.  I realized that if we take DELIGHT in knowing God, then God will literally PLACE the desires that he wants us to have in our hearts. Because we walk with God and know that he is leading us, we can recognize our passions, our desires, our whims, and the things we “fancy” as actually what God WANTS us to WANT.  It’s not like God says “Pick something, I’ll give it to you.” Instead He says “Stay close, I’ll provide you with the passion and direction to go and complete your life’s purpose...and bonus, you’re gonna LOVE IT & WANT it.”

Maybe my interpretation is bogus (lol) but it’s been my source of comfort in times of the “known unknown”. To be completely honest, I often whisper to myself, “WTF am I doing with my life?” I don’t see the full picture...well, i kinda do but it’s a little blurry.  In life, we don’t know what the full puzzle will be a picture of, we just know we like this piece and that piece and have feelings on where these pieces should be placed.  I honestly don’t think we’ll ever truly see the full puzzle and how each piece worked seamlessly with all the others to create a beautiful picture of our life until it’s all over...and that’s ok! For now, we just gotta trust that it’s all working out and follow that yearning in our hearts.

Here’s to trusting in Gods plan and not over complicating it. We don’t have to wait for a thunderous roar from heaven, we can just love God & do what we want. Pretty simple, I suppose.

Infinite love & light to you, 


You will always findthe anser in you rheartwhere it has been waitingsince long before the question.png

Dear Nashville,

I remember meeting you for the first time in July of 2005.  I knew you were special, a familiar feeling of home, and that we were meant to be.  The first week in August of that year I made the move so we could be together. Not a 1/2 a mile from where I type this I remember the moment when I looked at the hanging trees over Halcyon and promised I would be yours forever.  And our story began.

Thinking about what you mean to me brings tears.  You’ve been messy, and hard, and beautiful, and challenging, and charming, and kind, and rejecting, and all of the things that have shaped my life for the past 13 years.  Just saying that…13 years? How can that be?  

In many ways I feel like you are my other half…the reflection of myself and the things I want out of life.  Community, kindness, unity, a small town in a big city.  You’ve been my teacher.  You’ve taught me how to truly feel magic in the air.  You taught me how to recklessly fall in love.  You’ve taught me why not to drink Fireball.  Wow have you ever taught me that one.  You’ve turned your back on me.  You’ve wrecked my heart.  You’ve healed my soul. I’ve lost myself in you and then found myself again.  Every turn, every road, every condominium they build on top of our old stomping grounds….everything.  I feel it all, I cherish it all, I remember it all.  

So many people love you and know you now.  It's bittersweet because you used to be all mine.  I miss when the Stage was for the locals and when the developers couldn’t give condos in the Gulch away for free.  I know, thats selfish.  I know you have to grow and change and that is a good thing.  But to me you will always be a tiny town where I see everyone I know everywhere I go. You will always be tiny houses on music row where I learned to bare my soul to write a song.  You will always be walks down Belmont Blvd in the Spring.  You will always be 1/2 priced bottles at the Sunset Grill and breakfast at Noshville Midtown. You will always be fickle AF with your rollercoaster careers and WHACK weather.  LOL!  

You have given me some of the greatest gifts in this life…the one I cherish the most is your music.  I never thought as a little girl that all my wildest dreams would come true and I’d move to the big city and live among the most talented musicians and writers on this planet.  I’m honored and humbled to love you and to know you like this.   You are my longest relationship and I’m ok with that because with you comes all of the incredible souls you draw near.  You are filled with lots of damn good humans and your people love you.  We are so proud of you.  

Thank you for the magic and the music,


PS.  I wish you were by the beach but its cool. 

Lindsey Grace Photography  //  Fairlane Hotel in Nashville TN

Lindsey Grace Photography  //  Fairlane Hotel in Nashville TN

Change is a good thing.

I attended a Fashion Week kickoff event at The Shay last night.  Juliana Bass was previewing her collection, WithCo cocktails was pouring the drinks, and someone was catering the food but not sure who. 🤘🏼  Julianna’s collection was INSANE & I’m obsessed. Gorgeous gorgeous pieces.

This morning I passed off the key to Kitty’s brick and mortar space to Natalie Busby. Natalie is a designer, kind soul, and kindred spirit and I know she is going to thrive in the space! Natalie and I have shared stories of life in retail and I tried to give her as many little tips as I could about the space, the area, the building, and all that jazz. Y’all should go visit her shop when she opens! 

I have to be honest and admit that I thought twice about whether I wanted to go to a industry buzzing fashion event on a day like today. Am I ready to openly discuss transition and change among my peers and friends? I feel like I’m still figuring out what I’m doing, y’all.  I know we’re supposed to all look like we got it together like professional adults...but I’ve got a lot to learn.  Am I ready to compete with the online retailers out there? Is the online direction going to be a passion for me? These are things I don’t know and that I’m figuring out and I know will become clear in time.  Even though I felt a slight appreciation, I decided to say yes to tonight. Yes to openness, yes to being authentic, yes to being real, yes to showing up...shit...just yes to admitting that idk wtf I’m doing. (Which is ok, cause I know it’ll be amazing.) 

When I walked thru the door I immediately recognized some friends and began chatting cause I’m apparently pretty gifted at gab. Eventually the conversation got around to the store, so I (of course) shared my story of passing the keys and we started to discuss my thoughts on entering into the realm of being online only  boutique.  I know, I’ve plastered all it all over social media (like everything else) so it’s not like this change was an elephant in the room (lol) but i guess I’m writing all of this to say that it felt good to talk about big change. In person. With industry people. Head on. 

This led to an open conversation about how change is inevitable in every aspect of life. Even though it appears hard to embrace sometimes, it really is a lot easier than it seems when you trust that there is a purpose in change. Trusting that God has my back, has a plan, that he is leading me to my highest and best in all things (despite my mistakes)...that is my assurance in all things in this life no matter what. Finding where I best serve the world thru love is a journey and often times that shifts. I am open to shifts, I embrace the changes in my daily life and choose to live my life trusting that I will be led to my highest and best. Period. I believe the exact same thing for you!

I challenge both you and myself to be open to having real conversations and allow vulnerability to empower us and deepen our relationships, rather than create isolation and fear. Yas to LOVE! 






Sarah Anne's Beauty Guide : Favorite Picks!

Products product products, I LOVE products!  Always have!  However, over the years my desires in what I need from products has changed....no longer do I simply need to hide blemishes or discoloration but now I need those things PLUS products that protect and nourish my skin.  We aren't getting any younger here folks (un-freakin-fortunately!) 

These are some of my FAV go-to-on-the-daily products that I absolutely love and swear by! 



1.  I cannot tell you how much I love this CC+ cream!  I really love all of the It. Cosmetics line, but I'm telling you this CC+ cream will be your new favorite product.  The formula has a super high SPF, which I LOVE.  It also has vitamins that nourish the skin and gives great coverage to leave your skin so dewey and fresh.  I use the It. Cosmetics brush to apply the CC+ cream and this product will ALWAYS be in my skin regimine...its THAT good! 

2.  I promised myself I wouldn't post about this fragrance because I wanted to keep it all to myself but here I go oversharing again!...this Givenchy Hot Couture Fragrance:  Y'all!  I cannot describe the yummyness of this scent.  It has hints of vanilla and amber but is still floral and fresh.  Go to Sephora and test it, You will thank me.  I have worn it for YEARS and people stop me every. time.  Fellas especially love it FYI.

3.  Benefit "They're Real" mascara.  Ok, so my lashes currently are NOT real (shouts to my girl Teryn at Lash Out) but when I don't have lash extensions on this is my GO-TO mascara. This mascara gives MAJ length and curl and when it dries it DRIES so it doesn't flake or smudge like some mascaras.  I will suggest some Benefit remover to get this stuff off!

4. Philosophy Purity Face Cleanser : Ok, if you know me or follow me then you have probably seen me post about this amazingggggg face wash.  It literally melts makeup and is so gentle on my skin.  I will always use this face wash.  AL.WAYS.  

5. Anastacia Beverly  Hills Brow Powder :  I have been using Anastacia on my brows for years but just about a year ago switched from the pencil to the powder.  I gotta tell you, I'm so glad I did and so is my wallet.  The automatic pencil breaks off SO easily so I don't suggest them but this brow powder is AWESOME.  It comes with two shades for blending.  I use the IT. Cosmetics brow brush to apply it because of the perforated angle that gives the appearance of small strokes that look like brow hair!   I usually wet my brush and then apply the brow powder.  

6.  NYX matte lip color in Amsterdam : Y'all, it's the perfect red.  and I love the matte look of NYX lip colors...I've been using them for forever!  And the price is UNbeatable!  I could have NYX in every color (I almost do)

7.  Nars Orgasm blush : This Nars blush color has been the #1 selling blush color for YEARS and I get why...its the perfect peachy-pink with a hint of golden shimmer!  Its such a beautiful color and any products by Nars are A+!   I've tried to find a color to beat it, but there just isn't one!

8.  It. Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye : THIS STUFF IS MAGIC!  If you ever suffer from dark circles or if you just want that perfect contour color...this is your guy.   This small tube will last me 6 months to a year because you only have to use a tiny bit for it to go a long way.   I've never seen anything wake a woman up like this under eye concealer!! It really is next level incredible.   And of course, like the rest of It. Cosmetics products, this product has anti-aging ingredients SO, yeah, SOLD. 

I love finding new products and trying new ones when they hit the market...but these are my trusty absolute go-to products that I will ALWAYS stand behind.  I'd love to hear if you've tried any of these and what you think of them!

Name *

Pale Pink Cheetah Print

This new pale pink cheetah print top just is the perfect holiday party top! Styled here with a black skirts and boots but you could also go with black jeans and black heels with a faux fur black jacket! So holiday chic! Grab at kittynashville.com! 


Sarah, get your ass to the gym sale!

Confession time: over the past couple years I have been SO slack at working out and getting to the gym.  I guess life got busy...I opened up KITTY in East Nashville and online and with writing music, recording it, and putting it out I just have been busy (which is a lame excuse because we all know exercise is so important for overall sanity.  Explains a lot I suppose!  Because of this, I've told myself that I am not going to splurge on the workout gear.  (I cry at how expensive some workout gear is! Sob worthy)  Since I've been working with my new favorite Nutrition specialist, Kimberly Odom (akaThe Beauty Fox) I have been getting to the gym 2x a week AND walking every morning.  Not totally jumping in head first, but definitely somethin'! 

My sister just recently intro'd me to my new favvvvorite workout stock up go-to...and it was the last place I expected...OLD NAVY!  like, WHAAA?  She gave me a pair of their leggings and I am absolutely obsessed.  Then, I went to their site...and the leggings are SO INEXPENSIVE...like, all on sale for less than $20!  And in such adorable designs and colors!  The fabric is fairly thick and sucks it all in, if ya know what I mean.  Also, the fit is incredible....bye bye to the legging back AND front wedgies (haha...but forreal!)

I guess now I have no excuse not to get my ass to the gym and no excuse to not look the part even if I'm running errands trying to look like I'm going to the gym! lol!  Here are my favorite leggings and workout tops all under $20! 

Water the Soul



Have you ever been in a place where you feel stale or stagnant in your growth in any area of your life? Cause I have.  I think in every aspect of life there is periods of growth, rest, periods of confusion, and periods of clarity.  During the periods of stagnancy it’s easy to get into a rut and think that you aren’t going anywhere (or at least that’s how I get...anyone?) It’s important to remember that life is an eb & flow.  It’s important to rest in these moments and plant seeds for the future so that when the time for growth comes we will be able to flourish.  Take advantage of the stand-still by feeding your soul and watering the seeds of opportunity.  Read books, pray, meditate, take long bubble baths, take yourself to dinner, sit on a bench in a park and watch kids run around with wreckless abandon, make art! Whatever it is that you find feeds your soul...do that!  And do a lot of it!  I’ve wasted too much precious time focusing on the growth that i don’t have, rather than focusing on the fact that growth IS coming and now is my time to live in the present and cherish each moment for what it is.  right here, right now.


(this is me preaching to me, btw! I’m hope some of you identify)

There is only one pair of these floral bells left in store and at KittyNashville.com

There is only one pair of these floral bells left in store and at KittyNashville.com

I’m obsessed with these bandanas by Dakota Jewelry & this bell sleeve top is SO soft and goes with everything. They are definitely on my list of fall staples.  

I’m obsessed with these bandanas by Dakota Jewelry & this bell sleeve top is SO soft and goes with everything. They are definitely on my list of fall staples.  

Classic with a Twist

I absolutely love a button down blouse at anytime of the year but I especially over-wear them in the Fall! (by themselves, under sweaters, under jean jackets...basically er'day!) They are so easy to wear and designers are getting more and more edgy with their approach to the classic button down.  This mushroom blouse by Velvet Heart was from KITTY and I didn't even have time to post about it before it sold out. Literally, I walked in the store with it on and there were 2 left on the racks and two friends bought both of them.  Its just that cute!!  I could potentially re-order and already have some people begging me to re-stock, so shoot me a message or comment with your email and size and I can see about re-ordering.  

In the meantime, I've put together a list of all of my FAVORITE fall button downs and the GOOD THING is that most all of them are under $50!!! And they are all on trend and absolutely adorable! 


We have a few pairs of these boots left at KittyNashville.com so snag em while you can:)


This embroidered grommet backpack is draw string with snap clasp and is available at KittyNashville.com


Below are some of my MUST HAVE button down blouses (some of them happen to be on major sale).  They are on trend, fun, and different!  Don't just blend in, step out and express yourself, girlllll!

Scroll thru and you can click for links to the items!

Travel Go-To's

I love a life on-the-go, but I've gotta #keepitreal with y'all and admit that I'm not one of those planner-packers who have it all together.  When it comes to my outfit I usually just throw and go and pray for a miracle that I come out looking halfway decent...hell if all else fails I'll wear my white pajama top with jeans and throw on some red lips because duh red lips mean you tried.  Over time and lots of traveling I learned my favorite products and must haves for a life on the road. Here are some tried and true go-to travel tips n trick and products because we all know sharing is caring.

It CC+ Cream

I absolutely love It Cosmetics and their CC+ cream is great for travel because 1. It's amazing coverage and spf which is important 2. Its good for your skin.   I feel like travel really wears on my skin so I love this because it is good for my skin while also covering discoloration and all the other skin thangz 3. It a plastic bottle so it is really easy to throw in your purse and not have to worry about it breaking 

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 6.54.05 PM.png

Slip Pillow Case


Ok gotta #keepitreal these are definitely a splurge but SO worth it!  So, even when I can't take my pillow I can still have a nice fresh pillow case that smells like home! I order them here.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 9.56.01 PM.png

Travel Candle


Ok, so this is a GAME changer.  Once I started traveling with candles I never looked back.  I'll stock up on these and just keep them in my luggage.  These Voluspa rose gold tins are only $9 and makes such a difference in the ambiance of the room! 

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 10.13.18 PM.png

Fav Fedora

I love a fedora for super early flight or travel times...hats are such a time and sleep saver and are an easy way to look cool quick:)  This one here is from Lulu's and is totally  Lady Gaga vibes.  Get it here...

I love a fedora for super early flight or travel times...hats are such a time and sleep saver and an easy way to look & feel ready, quick:) This one here is from Lulu's and is totally Lady Gaga vibes...get it here! 

Star Studded Jacket

Ok ok I’m a total sucker for anything with stars on it so, naturally, I’m obsessed with this star jacket/shirt piece.  It is a thicker material so you can wear it open as a jacket but here I styled it as a shirt and paired it with some  cutoffs (these ones fit great and I love the detail on the sides) and tall boots.  I completed the look with these Goose/Maverick style shades and a low pony.  You could also style this with a cute little slip dress (this one is one SALE for $23!) and combat boots (these ones are on sale for $50) for a day look or heels for a sexy but fun "night out" look The stars are metal and are sort of a dark rust color.  The whole look is from KITTY! 

One of the key elements to personal style is finding pieces that you really love that are transitional and versatile.  So, think pieces that can be worn multiple ways like a button down shirt dress that can double as a kimono or something like this star jacket here that has three quarter length sleeves (which makes for great Fall and Spring wardrobe double wear) and is in a great navy color that is never going to go out of style.   When you are investing in your style and closet be sure to think about how it is going to last you long term.

As always, I'd love to hear from y'all on my socials or shoot me an email!  Don't forget to sign up to get emails and updates from me with giveaways and special promotions.  Also, I'd love to know  what your absolute go-to pieces are! 

Star 1.jpg

Fall Feather Romper

Couldn't be more obsessed with this adorable romper from Kitty Nashville!  


Love this quote on the side of Fond Objects over in east Nashville!  Oprah had an incredible quote that basically said that we are each responsible not only for our energy that we bring to a situation, but we are also responsible for the energy we surround ourselves with. Yas, Oprah.


Stole this hat from my friend/photographer Chelsea for this shot!  


Also, these boots...fall fav's! Also from Kitty!  

Ph: Chelsea Rochele