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Denim Daze : Whenever I’m pulling off a statement piece like this leopard dress, I always try to think of fun ways to dress it down for daytime because lets be honest, we need versatility if we are going to invest in a “louder” piece like this dress.  The days of “one & done”  outfit wear are over because: lets think conscious consuming here!  Less things, more ways to style…thats my goal and a smarter way to shop and keep that savings account # rolling up…ya feel me?  

First things first: you just cannot go wrong with a good jean jacket.  I found this vintage Harley Davidson one and have been wearing it with basically everything.  A plain one will do the trick as well…but you need a jean jacket! So versatile for all seasons and will never go out of style.  I’ll add some of my fav denim jacket finds below.

 This newsboy hat is a great addition to your closet and this type of look because a) Who wants to fix their hair daily? lol! Not me.  and b) it is a timeless look that will last years.  I topped the outfit with these lavender colored sunnies (amazon has the best options for these and they’re like 10 bucks or something crazy like that).  The sunnies add SO MUCH SASS to a look and really just make anyone look uber cool and stylish.  

Oh, and these shoes…they’re a knockoff of the Golden Goose brand.  S’chic without the dent in your wallet.  Smarter style…I’m all about it!

Adding versatility to your wardrobe is all about working with what you’ve got and using your accessories to add layers and create a look that is authentic to you!

2 more ways to style this dress coming your way! Scroll below to shop a similar look!

xx Sarah

Literally, I’ve looked everywhere. So this is your guide to every retailer that could possibly sell an ugly Christmas sweater.  

My friend Mallory works for a company here in Nashville called Future Shirts and they do all of the t-shirts for some of the biggest stars and companies in nashville. She prints the Tshirts for Kitty Nashville and is a badass:) and a good friend as well.  Anyways, their office hosted a party for clients and friends at the end of November and at the party we each got to pick an ugly Christmas sweater.  See, Future Shirts is a parent or partner company of sorts to the largest ugly christmas sweater manufacturer in the country.  The CFO was at the event and he said that their sales are upwards of lots of tens of millions (I don't want to give exact numbers in case he wasn't supposed to say).... anyways...they do all of the sweaters for Target, Walmart, and all of the online markets such as amazon etc.  They were saying that the designs for Christmas 2018 are due in January already because it is that big of an operation!  Crazy!  They had some hilarious sweaters including a snowman flipping off the world with its twig fingers (lol) and a few other drug inappropriate (yet hilarious) ones.   Since then, I've been obsessed with ugly christmas sweaters and have made it my mission to find the cutest (most appropriate) ones.  Literally I looked everywhere so this is your guide to every retailer that could possibly sell a Christmas sweater.  


Ok ok I’m a total sucker for anything with stars on it so, naturally, I’m obsessed with this star jacket/shirt piece.  It is a thicker material so you can wear it open as a jacket but here I styled it as a shirt and paired it with some  cutoffs (these ones fit great and I love the detail on the sides) and tall boots.  I completed the look with these Goose/Maverick style shades and a low pony.  You could also style this with a cute little slip dress (this one is one SALE for $23!) and combat boots (these ones are on sale for $50) for a day look or heels for a sexy but fun "night out" look The stars are metal and are sort of a dark rust color.  The whole look is from KITTY! 

One of the key elements to personal style is finding pieces that you really love that are transitional and versatile.  So, think pieces that can be worn multiple ways like a button down shirt dress that can double as a kimono or something like this star jacket here that has three quarter length sleeves (which makes for great Fall and Spring wardrobe double wear) and is in a great navy color that is never going to go out of style.   When you are investing in your style and closet be sure to think about how it is going to last you long term.

As always, I'd love to hear from y'all on my socials or shoot me an email!  Don't forget to sign up to get emails and updates from me with giveaways and special promotions.  Also, I'd love to know  what your absolute go-to pieces are! 


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Hey Wanderer x Sarah Belle

Boss babes is an understatement when referring to the babes of Hey Wanderer and Sarah Belle. The ladies of Hey Wanderer are also the inventive and busy minds behind the adorably chic McGavock Manor Airb&b  as well as their clothing line.  I’ve been following McGavock Manor and Hey Wanderer for awhile now and they are constantly serving rustic glam interior decor vibes across their social platforms.  Sarah Belle is a local youtube, style maven, and blogger and has been sharing her life, style tips and much more from her channel since she was a teenager.The ladies of Hey Wanderer and Sarah Belle combined forces to host such a fun, laid back event at the McGavock manor complete with a photo op setup by my favorite accessories and rug slinger in town, Alison of Apple & Oak (located in East Nashville).  The ladies of Hey Wanderer hand prepared small bites from mushroom flat bread (OMG SO DELICIOUS)to white chocolate dipped orange slices that tasted like an orange creamsicle…absolutely delicious! Bravazzi brought the cocktails.  I had never tasted Bravazzi but see it EVERYWHERE on social media.  It lives up to the hype for sure!  So refreshing and such an easy go-to drink for a cocktail party…also only 4% alcohol so you can have a couple;)

The vibe of the party felt laid back complete with beautiful plants by FLORA and macrame swings and hanging chandeliers. I loved catching up with a long time friend and fellow fashionista, Andi Eaton from Oiugirl.  We met forever ago when we judged North Fort Walton Fashion Week in Florida together and she has since moved to Nashville.  She JUST released a book covering her travels and style influences…check it here!  I also loved catching up with my girl Ashely from Beau & Arrow blog and my new favorite photographer in town who has been shooting a ton of my style content on here and for KITTY

It was such a fun night to step away from work and the hustle and bustle of the week and just have a laid back cocktail with some of my favorite and new favorite ladies!

Does anyone else feel like they need to just step  away and be with some gal pals every now and then?!  

Here’s to the little nights of perfection with best friends that make it all worth it:)




I'm obsessed with vintage looks that also have a current wearability...(although in my book ALL vintage is relevant).  This so soft velvet kimono is such a fun statement piece without being too much.  I love the sequin and beading detail in bright colors in such a pretty, feminine floral patter.    I also love this piece because I found out Free People is carrying the exact same one...but it's a fraction of the cost at Kitty!

East Nashville is always popping up with the best murals and art and this piece is no exception.   It is located in 5 points near the gas station and across from Red Door East...not giving the exact address because I don't have it but its easy to find!  While you're in the area stop by KITTY...we're just up the street at 521 Gallatin Ave Suite 2.  

You can also order this amazing Kimono online here.


I'll keep this short n' sweet...just like my new favorite fall romper. Lame joke, I know. BUT I'm absolutely in love with this feather print romper in the most vibrant, yet understated fall colors. The off the shoulder look is so on trend and the cool colored print makes it my newest go - to fall romper.  It can easily be styled with a denim jacket or an oversized, cozy shawl for a dreamy fall look! 

Keeping it a real with y'all,  I would totally style this  romper with fish nets, combat boots, & a black leather jacket. So fall grunge chic! ️

We have a few left.  I forreal sold 2 the first night I wore it out...so people love it, in case you were wondering :) Grab your size before it's gone! Also, it fits true to size and is slightly cinched at the waist.

But, y'all, for real why is Nashville still so hot in September?! I'll just be over here waiting on this fall weather to roll in like...



It's taco Tuesday and I'm totally o-queso with it.

Let's be real, I love some queso.  Like, next level.  Like the rest of the world, I watched "What the Health" and was absolutely blown away and SWORE I was done with meat and dairy.  Ok, the no meat thing lasted until I was on a road trip with two guy friends and one of them proceeded to purchase a total of 60...YES 60 chicken nuggets from Chik-Fil-A.  I mean, how can you resist those tiny little nuggets of heavenly goodness.  Add in some Polynesian sauce and GOODBYE! Too good to resist.  Just too good.

After my breakdown I swore I would re-commit, and I really have. BUT, I JUST CANT GIVE UP CHEESE!  I can go without the glass of 2% milk because, honestly, the idea of drinking stuff that belongs in the mouth of a newborn baby calf just isn't really my thing.  But, I don't care WHERE cheese comes from, what its made of, who made it, just give me THE QUESO!  

When I put on this festive little ruffled and embroidered bomber I HAD to go get queso and chips (and a margarita b/c duh margaritas) at my FAV spot in town, Rosepepper Cantina.  Rosepepper will bring you the stiffest margaritas in town FYI...you know you need one right now and so do I.

Anyways, back to fashion... I love bombers as much as I love queso and you really are not going to find a cuter, more unique bomber this fall.  You just won't.   I love it paired with these Matisse over-the-knee booties and cutoffs!  I'm trying everything I can to dress like its fall weather even though its still 87 degrees in Nashville...Whatever, I'll drink a Marg to cool me down;)

Head to KITTYNashville.com to get this adorable look and if you haven't tried the queso at Rosepepper...it comes highly recommended from me and everyone else thats eaten there ever.

Happy Queso Taco Tuesday, fam!



Saturday is for Rosé, Cafe Roze, & Roses

I'm absolutely obsessed with all of the adorable, affordable button down blouses that we have been getting in for the Fall season at KITTY!  I mean, I just love love love this embroidered wild rose on the back of this Denim Button Down.  It has a vintage throwback vibe but also feels super current, and is understated while making a femanine statement.

Styling this top is super simple and the Bandana Bolo (also available at KITTY) is so western chic and also made here in Nashville by Kitty's very own Dakota Conn!  They are such a great price for hand dyed bandanas (only $25!).  You just cant go wrong with throwing on a cute Bandana Bolo with any look. 

I also cannot believe we still have any of these Matisee Buckle Booties  in...I mean!  They are so chic with the pointed toe and also very easy to wear because of the side zipper.

On another note....CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW CUTE CAFE ROZE IS?  I moved from the East side of Nashville about a year ago and whew I moved too soon!  Had I stayed, I would be in walking distance to this chic little corner spot...but that's not gonna stop me from frequenting this white and pink heaven!  Mainly because this adorable spot has coffees & lattés, a full menu, chocolate croissants and of COURSE my favorite food group ROSÉ.   I'd strongly suggest stopping by for a bite and wine!

I hope everyone's day is coming up roses;)


Sarah Anne

Floral wrap dress & Two Piece Jersey skirt and top set available @: www.KITTYNashville.com

Boots : Fuselage

Photos: Lindsey Grace 


Top & Bells : kittynashville.com

boots : Matisse from KITTY

brass choker pendant: Starstruck Vintage Nashville TN

hat : BCBG

Photo: Lindsey Grace 

Similar hats available with the links below!  They're all under $20!

Levi's $24.90 

Rosegal $8

Asos $34 

Unique Vintage $32

Nordstrom $20


Top, Denim, Boots,& Sunnies : KITTY

Tie : Vintage Tommy Hilfiger 

Earrings : Claire's

Lip Color : MAC "Snob"