"Follow Your Heart"

Follow your heart:

A phrase we hear so often but are still a little confused about. What exactly does that mean? I think it is something personal for each of us. We all have that still, small voice within us that is leading us, nudging is, & pulling us toward something.  THAT is the voice...the one that matters and the one you should follow!
What if my heart is wrong? It can’t be because you cannot fail at your own destiny. This is a journey not a destination.

What if that pulling on my heart isn’t God’s best for me?  It is...because the fact that you have this concern in the first place means that you desire to do what is right for your life. You desire your highest and best and God’s ultimate plan for your life.  Psalm 37:4 has always been one of my favorite references for following your heart...Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Growing up I thought that if I was good enough, if I did enough to things to make God happy, & if I prayed enough then God would give me what my heart desires.  Then I read the verse differently. I saw it differently.  I realized that if we take DELIGHT in knowing God, then God will literally PLACE the desires that he wants us to have in our hearts. Because we walk with God and know that he is leading us, we can recognize our passions, our desires, our whims, and the things we “fancy” as actually what God WANTS us to WANT.  It’s not like God says “Pick something, I’ll give it to you.” Instead He says “Stay close, I’ll provide you with the passion and direction to go and complete your life’s purpose...and bonus, you’re gonna LOVE IT & WANT it.”

Maybe my interpretation is bogus (lol) but it’s been my source of comfort in times of the “known unknown”. To be completely honest, I often whisper to myself, “WTF am I doing with my life?” I don’t see the full picture...well, i kinda do but it’s a little blurry.  In life, we don’t know what the full puzzle will be a picture of, we just know we like this piece and that piece and have feelings on where these pieces should be placed.  I honestly don’t think we’ll ever truly see the full puzzle and how each piece worked seamlessly with all the others to create a beautiful picture of our life until it’s all over...and that’s ok! For now, we just gotta trust that it’s all working out and follow that yearning in our hearts.

Here’s to trusting in Gods plan and not over complicating it. We don’t have to wait for a thunderous roar from heaven, we can just love God & do what we want. Pretty simple, I suppose.

Infinite love & light to you, 


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