Dear Nashville,

I remember meeting you for the first time in July of 2005.  I knew you were special, a familiar feeling of home, and that we were meant to be.  The first week in August of that year I made the move so we could be together. Not a 1/2 a mile from where I type this I remember the moment when I looked at the hanging trees over Halcyon and promised I would be yours forever.  And our story began.

Thinking about what you mean to me brings tears.  You’ve been messy, and hard, and beautiful, and challenging, and charming, and kind, and rejecting, and all of the things that have shaped my life for the past 13 years.  Just saying that…13 years? How can that be?  

In many ways I feel like you are my other half…the reflection of myself and the things I want out of life.  Community, kindness, unity, a small town in a big city.  You’ve been my teacher.  You’ve taught me how to truly feel magic in the air.  You taught me how to recklessly fall in love.  You’ve taught me why not to drink Fireball.  Wow have you ever taught me that one.  You’ve turned your back on me.  You’ve wrecked my heart.  You’ve healed my soul. I’ve lost myself in you and then found myself again.  Every turn, every road, every condominium they build on top of our old stomping grounds….everything.  I feel it all, I cherish it all, I remember it all.  

So many people love you and know you now.  It's bittersweet because you used to be all mine.  I miss when the Stage was for the locals and when the developers couldn’t give condos in the Gulch away for free.  I know, thats selfish.  I know you have to grow and change and that is a good thing.  But to me you will always be a tiny town where I see everyone I know everywhere I go. You will always be tiny houses on music row where I learned to bare my soul to write a song.  You will always be walks down Belmont Blvd in the Spring.  You will always be 1/2 priced bottles at the Sunset Grill and breakfast at Noshville Midtown. You will always be fickle AF with your rollercoaster careers and WHACK weather.  LOL!  

You have given me some of the greatest gifts in this life…the one I cherish the most is your music.  I never thought as a little girl that all my wildest dreams would come true and I’d move to the big city and live among the most talented musicians and writers on this planet.  I’m honored and humbled to love you and to know you like this.   You are my longest relationship and I’m ok with that because with you comes all of the incredible souls you draw near.  You are filled with lots of damn good humans and your people love you.  We are so proud of you.  

Thank you for the magic and the music,


PS.  I wish you were by the beach but its cool. 

Lindsey Grace Photography  //  Fairlane Hotel in Nashville TN

Lindsey Grace Photography  //  Fairlane Hotel in Nashville TN