Change is a good thing.

I attended a Fashion Week kickoff event at The Shay last night.  Juliana Bass was previewing her collection, WithCo cocktails was pouring the drinks, and someone was catering the food but not sure who. 🤘🏼  Julianna’s collection was INSANE & I’m obsessed. Gorgeous gorgeous pieces.

This morning I passed off the key to Kitty’s brick and mortar space to Natalie Busby. Natalie is a designer, kind soul, and kindred spirit and I know she is going to thrive in the space! Natalie and I have shared stories of life in retail and I tried to give her as many little tips as I could about the space, the area, the building, and all that jazz. Y’all should go visit her shop when she opens! 

I have to be honest and admit that I thought twice about whether I wanted to go to a industry buzzing fashion event on a day like today. Am I ready to openly discuss transition and change among my peers and friends? I feel like I’m still figuring out what I’m doing, y’all.  I know we’re supposed to all look like we got it together like professional adults...but I’ve got a lot to learn.  Am I ready to compete with the online retailers out there? Is the online direction going to be a passion for me? These are things I don’t know and that I’m figuring out and I know will become clear in time.  Even though I felt a slight appreciation, I decided to say yes to tonight. Yes to openness, yes to being authentic, yes to being real, yes to showing up...shit...just yes to admitting that idk wtf I’m doing. (Which is ok, cause I know it’ll be amazing.) 

When I walked thru the door I immediately recognized some friends and began chatting cause I’m apparently pretty gifted at gab. Eventually the conversation got around to the store, so I (of course) shared my story of passing the keys and we started to discuss my thoughts on entering into the realm of being online only  boutique.  I know, I’ve plastered all it all over social media (like everything else) so it’s not like this change was an elephant in the room (lol) but i guess I’m writing all of this to say that it felt good to talk about big change. In person. With industry people. Head on. 

This led to an open conversation about how change is inevitable in every aspect of life. Even though it appears hard to embrace sometimes, it really is a lot easier than it seems when you trust that there is a purpose in change. Trusting that God has my back, has a plan, that he is leading me to my highest and best in all things (despite my mistakes)...that is my assurance in all things in this life no matter what. Finding where I best serve the world thru love is a journey and often times that shifts. I am open to shifts, I embrace the changes in my daily life and choose to live my life trusting that I will be led to my highest and best. Period. I believe the exact same thing for you!

I challenge both you and myself to be open to having real conversations and allow vulnerability to empower us and deepen our relationships, rather than create isolation and fear. Yas to LOVE!