Sarah Anne's Beauty Guide : Favorite Picks!

Products product products, I LOVE products!  Always have!  However, over the years my desires in what I need from products has longer do I simply need to hide blemishes or discoloration but now I need those things PLUS products that protect and nourish my skin.  We aren't getting any younger here folks (un-freakin-fortunately!) 

These are some of my FAV go-to-on-the-daily products that I absolutely love and swear by! 



1.  I cannot tell you how much I love this CC+ cream!  I really love all of the It. Cosmetics line, but I'm telling you this CC+ cream will be your new favorite product.  The formula has a super high SPF, which I LOVE.  It also has vitamins that nourish the skin and gives great coverage to leave your skin so dewey and fresh.  I use the It. Cosmetics brush to apply the CC+ cream and this product will ALWAYS be in my skin regimine...its THAT good! 

2.  I promised myself I wouldn't post about this fragrance because I wanted to keep it all to myself but here I go oversharing again!...this Givenchy Hot Couture Fragrance:  Y'all!  I cannot describe the yummyness of this scent.  It has hints of vanilla and amber but is still floral and fresh.  Go to Sephora and test it, You will thank me.  I have worn it for YEARS and people stop me every. time.  Fellas especially love it FYI.

3.  Benefit "They're Real" mascara.  Ok, so my lashes currently are NOT real (shouts to my girl Teryn at Lash Out) but when I don't have lash extensions on this is my GO-TO mascara. This mascara gives MAJ length and curl and when it dries it DRIES so it doesn't flake or smudge like some mascaras.  I will suggest some Benefit remover to get this stuff off!

4. Philosophy Purity Face Cleanser : Ok, if you know me or follow me then you have probably seen me post about this amazingggggg face wash.  It literally melts makeup and is so gentle on my skin.  I will always use this face wash.  AL.WAYS.  

5. Anastacia Beverly  Hills Brow Powder :  I have been using Anastacia on my brows for years but just about a year ago switched from the pencil to the powder.  I gotta tell you, I'm so glad I did and so is my wallet.  The automatic pencil breaks off SO easily so I don't suggest them but this brow powder is AWESOME.  It comes with two shades for blending.  I use the IT. Cosmetics brow brush to apply it because of the perforated angle that gives the appearance of small strokes that look like brow hair!   I usually wet my brush and then apply the brow powder.  

6.  NYX matte lip color in Amsterdam : Y'all, it's the perfect red.  and I love the matte look of NYX lip colors...I've been using them for forever!  And the price is UNbeatable!  I could have NYX in every color (I almost do)

7.  Nars Orgasm blush : This Nars blush color has been the #1 selling blush color for YEARS and I get why...its the perfect peachy-pink with a hint of golden shimmer!  Its such a beautiful color and any products by Nars are A+!   I've tried to find a color to beat it, but there just isn't one!

8.  It. Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye : THIS STUFF IS MAGIC!  If you ever suffer from dark circles or if you just want that perfect contour color...this is your guy.   This small tube will last me 6 months to a year because you only have to use a tiny bit for it to go a long way.   I've never seen anything wake a woman up like this under eye concealer!! It really is next level incredible.   And of course, like the rest of It. Cosmetics products, this product has anti-aging ingredients SO, yeah, SOLD. 

I love finding new products and trying new ones when they hit the market...but these are my trusty absolute go-to products that I will ALWAYS stand behind.  I'd love to hear if you've tried any of these and what you think of them!

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