Sarah, get your ass to the gym sale!

Confession time: over the past couple years I have been SO slack at working out and getting to the gym.  I guess life got busy...I opened up KITTY in East Nashville and online and with writing music, recording it, and putting it out I just have been busy (which is a lame excuse because we all know exercise is so important for overall sanity.  Explains a lot I suppose!  Because of this, I've told myself that I am not going to splurge on the workout gear.  (I cry at how expensive some workout gear is! Sob worthy)  Since I've been working with my new favorite Nutrition specialist, Kimberly Odom (akaThe Beauty Fox) I have been getting to the gym 2x a week AND walking every morning.  Not totally jumping in head first, but definitely somethin'! 

My sister just recently intro'd me to my new favvvvorite workout stock up go-to...and it was the last place I expected...OLD NAVY!  like, WHAAA?  She gave me a pair of their leggings and I am absolutely obsessed.  Then, I went to their site...and the leggings are SO, all on sale for less than $20!  And in such adorable designs and colors!  The fabric is fairly thick and sucks it all in, if ya know what I mean.  Also, the fit is incredible....bye bye to the legging back AND front wedgies (haha...but forreal!)

I guess now I have no excuse not to get my ass to the gym and no excuse to not look the part even if I'm running errands trying to look like I'm going to the gym! lol!  Here are my favorite leggings and workout tops all under $20!