Hey y’all.

I’m Sarah Anne. Its so nice to see you here on my website. I love connecting with the people that come here so please say hi and let me know who you are on social media or on here. So, I just moved from Nashville TN to Sea Grove beach on a hearts whim. I sing and write music as a passion and I also do marketing and brand management for two bike shops at the Hub on 30a…Frankie’s Bike Shop & Salt Air 30. I love sharing my favorite things, inspiration & encouragement, my new coastal style, & I’ll also share the happenings with my music. I basically write and release music for fun now that I’m not really trying to “make it” in Nashville.. Between us, got so tired of the rat race and trying to be someone and I feel like maybe I put the pressure on myself to be someone and it was just too much. What? but…regardless…I’m living my best life on 30a and seriously loving the beach life. Did I mention i also worked in style when I opened my own online and brick & mortar boutique in Nashville? I learned so much about the retail industry . wowzer. I ended up closing in March of 2018. Tonight I walked down to the beach to watch the sunset and take pictures. Of course I packed a glass canister of rose. Of course I went to the restaurant across the street to get fried shrimp. Of course I’m supposed to be on a diet. AH. Anyways, back to me thanking you for coming to my website. Thank you. I love you dearly and hope we become best friends.



Email Sarah Anne:  info@sosarahanne.com

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